Hair Loss

Hair loss problem is  faced by many people in day-to-day monotous life. It is common problem faced by both Men and Women. In extreme cases it leads even to bladness where as male bladness is commonly seen among men. The main reason for male bladness pattern is heridity condition.

Symptoms for hair loss

1. Falling of Hair

2. Thinning of Hair

Causes Of Hair Loss

1. Improper diet

2. Lack of vitamins

3. Stress

4. Heridity

5. Age factor

6. Illness

7.Drandraff problem

8. Hormonal problems

9. Pregnancy

10. Fungal Infection

Hair Loss Treatments

1.Cosmetic Remedy

Wigs can be used to hide bladness. It is an artificial bunch of hair designed to wear on scalp. Wigs are traditionally attahed to scalp with the help of glue or tape. There is new method used to attach the wig. Some wigs are attached usng wire loops  by surgical method.

Serious Infection are common due to uncleanliness which resulting in faul smell in the scalp.

2. Prescription Medicine

A Dermatologist or Trichologist can eximine the reason for hair loss and treat effectively. The common drug seen in hair loss treatment is minoxidil, It is generally used to treat bladness problem. Drugs should be used aleast for a period of one year to notice visible difference as prescribed by your doctor.

3. Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation is a surgical method to replace lost hair. Hair follicles are implanted in the area of bladness. Transferring Hair follicles from one place to another is a permanent process.

4. Alternate Treatment or Herbal Treatment

Some people avoid using harsh chemical products to protect their hair and rely on herbal products and herbal treatment. It is a very slow process and is very effective in few cases. This method of treatment is cheaper compared to other modern treatments and there are less chances of side effects.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

1. Massage the scalp for 10 to 15 minutes every day during the application of hair oil as it improves the blood circulation.

2. Weekly once Hot oil Massage is effective.

3. Application of Triphala herbal pack results in new hair growth.

4. Egg hair pack can be applied.

5. Apply mixture of Amla powder and aloe vera gel hair pack

6. Monthly once Henna hair pack is good for hair loss.

7. Fenugreek hair pack is good for hair loss

8. Massaging scalp and hair with coconut milk is benificial.

9. Amla hair is good for hair loss.

10. Bharami Hair oil results in new hair growth.

Diet for Hair Loss

1. Include plenty of green leafy vegetables.

2. Add suppliments like Zinc, Iron vitamins

3.Drink plenty of water. Its good for overall health.

4. Biotin rich food promotes hair growth.

5.  Protien rich food should be included to diet every day.









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