I am soubhagya das completed my Graduation in Hospitality management in the month of october 2007 , after that I did a short term finance course and I joined ICICI as relationship manager.

But due to the work pressure and to become quick rich person i decided to start some own business from where I can earn a lot of money.

But i did not get success in any of   my job.

I started an event management company and did a food festival it was fully successed but it was loss in monetary, and after that again I did another event there also I faced loss.

Now I am doing share trading my luck and experience are with me so I am earning some money for my daily expenses but I have taken a big loan to do these events and I have to repay that.

This is just my financial and career part.

Now my love part is also not so good My girlfriend has joined modeling career where she is getting fake copliments from her friends which has impressed her and she is liking that glamorious world so she is just ignoring me now days.

Now my family who were too happy and believing on me but I am not able to in the position to stand infroof them because this year I have made loss so much money which I took from my mom.


Now friends part they are also not happy because I am depending on some one whom they do not like .

so this 2009  gave me a very abd experience and that only giving me inspiration to  work very consiously ad I have to be success this year.


One of my riend told me that on Virgo sign Sani devta is angry thats why happening all these but lets see what will happen to me in 2010 but I am expecting a lot fom this year

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