With the changing needs of time and the dynamic world, the emergence of various new-age tools has caught the imagination of the marketing professionals and the email marketing is the latest addition in the list. The concept of email marketing is based upon building a direct interface with the customers and clientèle. It does not mean that the traditional method was not used in making such direct approach to the customers. But the email marketing provides the means to use this direct means electronically. What email market provides is an effective and cost-efficient tool to establish relationship with customers with any product or service. The approach consists in transmission of personalized content relating to the product or service to a target group of customers which results in generation of new sales. It relies on the principle that if a right approach at the right time to the right person it would lead to winning over that customer.


Now the question that needs to be answered in this regard how effective this tool is in boosting up sales and establishing loyalty to a product and service. There is not an iota of doubt that an effective and imaginative email marketing campaign has all the essential elements of success in reaching homes, office and a market of wider reach without entailing substantial investment. This revolutionary concept holds a great potential as a marketing tool but one needs to be careful of the following matters:


What marks out a successful email campaign from the failed ones is the quality of the content. As pointed out earlier the tone and tenor of the matter emailed should be personal and sincere. The customers should be addressed and greeted personally to connect with them emotionally.


The choice of templates , timely delivery of newsletters, timing of transmission as it is advisable to avoid holidays, ensuring prompt responses to queries and replies, giving the option to unsubscribe, designing landing pages in the on-line marketing campaign, arranging pre-fill forms which have links to the main page and making arrangement with Internet Service Providers for bulk mail all go a long in ensuring the success of an email marketing venture.

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