one way to control ur mind is to become a witness of the actions that are the result of the thought process in your mind. that is, u are always used to observing the outer the world, the people around you. have you ever observed yourself and your actions?

for eg., when you are typing in keyboard, your body wil be typing it and ur brain will be thinking. use your mind to observe this process. this is quite a higher level practice but is the most efficient. you can use this same technique when you think that you are about to commit a mistake.

when you start observing your actions, automatically your mind stops generating the thoughts that lead to the action (mostly the bad ones).

Human beings have a gift, called "will"

Will - The mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides upon a course of action:

.With this, the mind can be reassured, however, never controlled or by ourselves.

Reassuring is needed when there is conflict inside our mind, when there is conflict inside our system.

One part of mind is constantly doubting, another part is constantly reassuring it.


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