Leave me.............

Leave my world

go out

and never come back

I don't want to see

your dirty face

you spoiled my life

you destroyed my family

you finished my career


I have no friends now

no money left

my status is gone

my dreams have been shattered

my liver pains

my energy drains

I can't work now

I can't sleep now


Leave me O' devil

I want to live

live my life

live my dreams

I can't bear my own screams


maggots are there in my leg's wound

dogs sometimes lick my smelling face

I am spoiled

spoiled is my world

spoiled is my race


Still you dirty devil

don't leave me alone

go, go, go out

go out

O' bottle of wine

O' bottle of whisky

O' bottle of bear

O' bottle of any precious alcohal


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