For Laughing:

  • Fear is the important cause of failure in one's life. So don't see yourself hereafter in mirror.

  • Men won't tell lie if women doesn't ask them many questions.

  • My daily prayer to god " I don't want anything in life. But please give my mother a beautiful daughter-in-law".

  • If we get pain in our teeths we can remove it. But if we get pain in our legs or head we cannot remove it.

  • A guy said to his friend " Sorry yaar. I could not speak with you for long time as i was busy reading advanced wishes for valentine day.

    For Thinking:

  • Thorn  said to flower said to "Many people wish to own you. But I only have the right to save you".

  • Troubles told me "When you are talking with your friends, you are forgetting me totally ".

  • The end of your life is not till your death. It is till you live in the minds of people.

  • If you want to double friendship and happiness, give some of it to others. It will surely be doubled.

  • Friendship cannot be bought. Because it is available at free of cost for good people.

  • Solving a problem is the best way to escape from it.

  • Our actions are like the balls thrown at wall. It will always bounce back to us.

  • You want to know the address of victory. It is 'Hopeland', V1, Perseverence street, Hard work nagar, Victory - 100.

  • You won't lose anything if you don't forget the path you have crossed.

  • We are born to live, live to love, love for all.

  • Do you need helping hands? Please look at the end of your arm. You can find two hands there which will always help you.

  • Laugh daily for forgetting. But don't forget to laugh.


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