Hi friends in this article let us discuss about some of the key aspects of smoking and most importantly how the ban of smoking is effective in many countries.Here we will not discuss in detail about the biological point of view, rather we will discuss about the impact of smoking on an overview.
Smoking - bad to health

This is a known fact that smoking is very bad to our health and as a matter of fact, chain smokers decides to cut short his life span, because continuous smoking will result in death and also reduce the life span of man. So some of the health problems that a smoke may face includes,

1.    Heart Attacks,
2.    Strokes
3.    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
4.    Emphysema, and
5.    Cancer

These are some of the major impact of smoking to our health and you can see the advertisement even in the cigarette packets, mentioning "Smoking is injurious to health". This is just a formality, and the Cigar companies, just display these ads to follow the formality, i.e. the norms and rules of the government. The UNO also stated that the 20 th century, was the main hub of the Smoking death as more than 10 crores people all over the world lost their life due to chain smoking.

Smoking ban – "Will it reduce smoking?"

Many countries all over the world have imposed ban on smoking and most importantly these ban are mainly restricted to the public places. So according to these bans, most countries will fine citizens who smoke in public places like roads, near schools, Colleges, Hospitals etc. But still we can realize that these band might have reduce the smoking level in the public places, but still people continue to smoke in their homes, which is practically impossible to stop them, and as a matter of fact we can also see many people in our country don’t follow the rule of the Government and they still smoke in public places.

But on the other hand the restrictions of smoking in the public places will make other non smoking people happy and feel comfortable and as a result we can reduce the air pollution, via smoking, to a considerable extent in the public places. In some countries a separate place is allotted for smoking and those who want to smoke can use this place. But it is really hard to imagine how will be the atmosphere there, and how dangerous it is for the people to inhale these toxic gases.
When we look at the history, w.r.t smoking ban, you would be surprised to know that Mexico was the first country to ban smoking in Churches during the sixteenth century. One country which is totally against smoking is Bhutan and according to the law of this country, even the Production, selling of cigarettes and smoking is illegal. Apart from this, The Holy City of Al-Madinah in the western province of Saudi Arabia is considered to be the largest area in the world with a smoking ban.

Many countries including India have banned smoking in the public places, but still this is not followed effectively all over the country. While many countries ban smoking in public places, Ireland is the only country in the world, to ban smoking at the work places and they implemented this law in the year 2004.When it comes to India, Chandigarh is the first city in the country to be labeled "Smoke Free" and hats off to the local government for the conscious steps and measures taken by them, to get this credit. On the other hand Kolkata is considered as the city with Poor compliance for Smoke ban. Let us believe that all cities in India, work towards the ban of the Smoke ban.

1 Crore fine amount for Smoking!

Recently I have read news about smoking and I was surprised to see that there is a country in this world, which fine maximum amount to the citizens who smoke. You will be surprised to know that according to the law of this country, a person who smokes will be fined with an amount of 1 Crore and this is a very huge amount. This is also a positive step for Smoke banning in an effective way, because people will definitely follow the law, or they have to pay an amount of 1 crore, if they smoke. Are you very much interested in knowing the country which impose a fine of 1 crore for smoking? The country is none other than United Arab Emirates and you might be award of the strict laws present in these Arab countries.

The president of UAE Shek Kalina Bin Sayid, has recently signed a law for various bans on smoking. So according to these laws,

1)    Any person, who is under the age of 18, will be fined 1.2 crores, if he/she smokes.
2)    They will also be put in prison for 2 years if found guilty.
3)    If any citizen smoke in the car, where there is a child (less than 12 year old), then that is also against the law.

Result of Smoking Ban:

Even though many countries have imposed ban on smoking, still we can realize that many people doesn’t follow these ban. The Cigarette companies also face a huge loss due to this ban and this will indirectly result in loss of job for many people. So finding a better solution for Banning smoke, such a finding an alternate source for Cigarattes that is not injurious to health, will definitely save the life of many people.


So, it is our duty to make this world a heaven and fight for the slogan "Go Green". Practically it is impossible for making all the people stop smoking on our own. But on the other hand we can make sure that we could explain the bad effects of smoking to our relatives and friends, who smoke, and try our level best to make them stop smoking. So if every individual does this job effectively we can control the level of smoking to a considerable amount. People who are subjected to these smoke released from the smokers are at a high risk than that of those people who smoke and so we must be cautious enough every time.

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