I always liked making referrals and earning money but it never gave regular income. I could only earn when some good site came and offered a good amount to refer people. i hard worked on making referrals and made money when i got good offers. When i got good internet for my pc then it became necessary to earn regularly and learn new things to improve knowledge, increase typing speed etc.Then i came across boddunan first of all i tried to earn by making referrals on it and it worked then after which boddunan changed the rule to 10 Rs per referral will only be paid when a referral writes a article. As most of my referrals were not active i thought why not try to earn by other ways on such a good site which is fully true and best for indians. Then i started writing with some of my articles . In the start my articles got very less cash credits and points. I was also de- motivated due to it. But as the time passed my liking towards article writing increased and my knowledge too. Then i started doing other things on boddunan like voting for polls adding new polls,commenting on articles and other things. Thus i started working on most of the things for boddunan. Their are many benefits of working for boddunan some of them are as follows.

1.Good amount of cash credits and points for articles- Boddunan gives cash credits and points both for articles. Points can be used in many ways and they are seen for revenue sharing. Cash credits are given on the basis of quality and length of articles. One can get from Rs2 to Rs 100 for a article. It all depends on writing skills and the presentation. Cash credits help to earn a good amount of pocket money by writing articles.

2. Revenue Sharing - Boddunan is sharing 25% of its revenue with the active members of the site. Their are certain terms which one needs to follow to be called as a active member and get the benefit . Some of the terms of revenue sharing are as follows

  • One needs to make at least 2000 points in a month and out of which 20points need to be from daily login.
  • One needs to make at least 10 points a day for at least 20 days in a month.

3. Daily contests - To make people more active on boddunan.  Boddunan  also  came up with the idea of daily contests. There are two daily contests . First one is Daily top voter award in which one gets credits if one votes most on the polls in a day.Second one is Daily top commentor award in which one gets credits if he has done good quality comments and more than any one on a day. The reward for both the contests is 25 Rs cash credit per contest .

4. Earn for creativity- Boddunan also has a contest named creative poller of the week. It is a weekly contest and one gets reward of Rs 50 every weak if  he is declared as winner. Thus one gets awarded for creating good polls and thus his creativity is tested.

5. Group discussion contest - Group discussion contest is an another interesting contest where one gets paid to just take part in discussions on the topics choosen by boddunan. One winner is announced every week and the winner gets 50 Rs cash credit.

Thus boddunan gives lot of contests and lot of things to gain. In future boddunan may come out with new contests and new chances for member. Thus the members must stay active and hope for the best from boddunan.


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