It was a pleasant winter after noon. The sun was shining brightly. The children were out in the park. They were all playing. Some were playing football, some were playing baseball some were playing skipping, some were playing hide and seek and some were just running about. Everyone was having fun.

Expect one title girl.

This little girl was sitting al alone in one corner of the park. She was a short girl with very curly hair. She was unhappy. It was her name made her unhappy.

Her name was Rani Ratna Prabha chandi Devi. Who would like a long name like this?

`Why can’t I have a nice short and sweet name like everybody else?’ she mumbled to herself. `Maybe I could leave out some of my names.’

But she could not leave out Devi, because this was her father’s family name. He was from Tamil Nadu. He was a Tamlien, so she could not leave out chandi.

Her mother was Andhra Pradesh lady. Prabha was her mother’s family name. So she could leave out that name. Ratna was father grandmother’s name, so could not leave out Ratna. And she could not leave out Rani because that was Boni grandmother’s name. Father was a weaver and mother was the first computer engineer in country. Rani Ratna Prabha chandi Devi was sad `what can I do? She said aloud.

A green parrot was pecking at the grass near her. He was a very wise red nose parrot. He was so wise and clever that he could read the girl’s thoughts.

`Maybe I can help you, said parrot in a harsh, sweet voice.

The girl was surprised.

`Oh! You can talk. You must be really very clever. Please help me’, she said.

The wise parrot hopped on to the girl’s knee. He peered at the girl with his shiny beady eyes and whispered, `listen to me carefully’.

The short girl with very curly hair nodded her head and opened eyes wide.

`Go home and take a paper and a pen. Write down the first letter of all your names. Then you will have a new name, a short and sweet name it is. What you have always wanted.’

The wise parrot said this, flapped his wings and flew away cawing loudly.

The title girl home, she wrote the first letter of all her names. Rani Ratna Prabha chandi Devi smiled, and then she laughed and clapped her hands. Now she had a new name. It was short and sweet. It was- RRPCD.





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