Time does not wait for anyone. It is always fleeting at a great speed. Those, who let it slip by, are losers. They have to face want, minister and failures. But those who make the best use of time are gainers. They achieve success and enjoy fortune and happiness. That is why the saying –time is money-is meaningful. It gives a clear idea of the value of time. Time is, in fact, far more precious than money. Money once lost may be recovered, but time once gone can never by recall.

Is it wise to waste time, then? No, it is not at all. Even one precious moment of time should not be spent in vain. Time spent in idle gossip, useless play or laziness is the time wasted at all. On the other hand, time used properly brings in health, wealth and happiness. Thus we see that idleness and habit of putting off things are two enemies of time. So, we guard against these two evils. We must never be idle to while away our time uselessly. We must never put off till tomorrow what we can do today. Nobody knows what may happen tomorrow. Even a moment’s idleness may result in an irreparable loss. So, we must be punctual. It is the proper way to know the real worth of time.

Lives of great men show that they could rise to greatness chiefly because they made the best use of time. They were never lazy but they used their time profitably. They acted upon the saying `each tomorrow must find us farther than today’. They considered every day of life to be a short life. They took life as a day repeated again and again. So, they could never afford to waste time.

The persons, who do not care for time, always come to grief. As mentioned above a moment’s laziness can lead to a grave loss. For example read this story of a person who suffered because of his idleness.

Once up on time there lived a rich man in a hill-village. A big town lay at a small is distance too. He was in the habit of putting off things saying-`I shall do it later on.’ His friends often advised him to say good –bye to this bad habit, but cared little for their advice.

One day the rich man had to go to the town. He had a fine horse to ride on. So, he took a bagful of money with him and set off for the town on horse –back. Reaching the town, he became busy in his work. It was now evening and the sun was going to set. So, he made up his mind to ride back home.

Loading all his articles on the horse, he set off for his village. The way laid through hills and so it ways stony. Thee horse was running as the night was approaching fast. Suddenly a nail in the shoe of the horse got loose. The horse found it hard to run.

The rich man didn’t care to get the horse-shoe repaired with a fresh nail. He thought he would have it done later on. But this laziness cost m very heavily. He whipped his horse and the poor beast ran as fast as it could. Hardly had he covered 3 or 3 kilometers when the shoe of the horse was off its hoof. It was now all the more difficult for the house to run on the hard rocky path.

But the rich man wanted to reach home as early as possible. The area was infested with robbers. He whipped the horse and it ran at top steed. But soon it began to limp as its foot had got injured. Now the rich man came to realize his folly.

The rich man was now walking on foot as is horse was limping. To his ill luck, he was overtaken by robbers. They robbed him of all his belongings including the horse. Also, they tied his hands and feet and left there on a hill.

Next day, some passer –by heard his cries and came to him. He untied his hands and feet and took him to his village. The rich man was very ashamed of himself. He suffered a heavy loss only because of his idleness. So, he made up his mind to be punctual in feature.






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