Sita was such a sweet girl that everyone liked to be her friend. She was sweet natured as well as beautiful. Her parents were proud of her because she had always been good at studies and other co-curricular activities in the school. After passing the matriculation in a good percentage, she joined the college with science subjects.

In twelfth standard also Sita acheived very good marks and qualified the premedical entrance examination. Although Sita's parents were not very well off, still they managed her admission in medical college. The expensesof the hostel and college studies were quite out of reach but Sita's father took a bank loan against his ancestrol land for Sita's career.

Sita was the only child of her parents and was very dear to them. Sita was good at studies in the medical college, soon she got a scholarship there and was able to contribute some expenses of her education. Nilesh was Sita's classmate who was also a nice natured boy who always helped Sita at the times of need.

Nilesh and Sita liked each other and fell in love. Sita was aware of her poor and Nilesh's rich background so she was confused about whether she should continue the realtionship or forget it. She also talked about it to Nilesh but Nilesh assured her that this difference of status is not going to matter at all.

Sita very well knew that her father had taken a bank loan for her studies and she wanted to help him financially after the degree. She joined a job at a near by private clinic after the degree. Although they paid her very less but still it was better than earning nothing sitting idle at home.

All the three members in the family, Sita and parents were happy now. Sita's parents were very proud of their daughter. They were also thinking about her marriage.

One day Nilesh telephoned Sita that his parents were coming to her home with the proposal of their marriage.

Sita and parents were very happy and had arranged a nice lunch for them. Nilesh's parents came and they were warmly welcomed in the family.

Soon both got married in a small family celebration at Sita's house as her parents were not in a position to afford big expenditure but at Nilesh's house it was a grand function.

Nilesh had already arranged tickets for the honeymoon in Singapore, both went there, enjoyed and were back home after a month.

Now Sita wanted to join back her job at the same clinic or do job somewhere else to help her father financially to make him pay the bank loan.

Nilesh and his parents with Sita doing job but they were not happy Sita helping her father financially after marriage.

Sita was feeling poor among all the riches of her husband, she wanted to leave all the riches and go back to help her poor parents.

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