I was not feeling well today so was on a leave. I had a bad attack of fever after getting back from a trek. Trekking and hiking was my hobby and whenever I got the chance, went for it. Sometimes I used to go with the known friends and sometimes with unknown troupes arranged by local guides. I enjoyed trekking and then also the fatigue after trekking. I had been on these hills many times but never fell ill, but this time I got high fever.

It was for the first time that I didn't enjoy this activity, perhaps the age was also showing its affect. I took a tablet of paracetamol and went into the bed. Soon I fell asleep among all the restlessness that I was feeling. When I got up, I was feeling quite fresh as the fever had settled down.

I moved towards the kitchen and preapared a hot cup of tea. I was enjoying the sips of tea and thinking about the last day's experience. I was not perhaps well yesterday too that is why I was sweating profusely during the trek. I was lingering behind because of my slow speed which was causing disturbance to other trekkers too. This all was compelling me to think whether it was my age that was making me feel so fatigued but how could an age factor be a cause within the gap of one week. on my trek last week, I was perfectly alright.

I had my tea and switched on the television. While watching television I also felt like coughing and some stress with respiartion.

A week had passed since then and  had taken the course of antibiotics and antihistaminics prescribed by my doctor. My condition was not improving but it was stable.

After few days I noticed that my appetite was going down, I talked to my doctor, he directed me to get a chest radiograph and blood profile done.

I was waiting for the doctor to come, soon he was there with my reports. He told me that I will have to go to the Medical college hospital for further investigations.

Medical reports from the medical college hospital were saying that I had lung cancer.

I was not able to believe my eyes and ears.

Tears were rolling down my eyes, the treks were looking like a dream that perhaps will not come true again for me in this lifetime.

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