My eyes were getting closed, my eyelids were drooping down but the fingers were still on. I was just typing the words and trying to complete my thesis. Two and half years had passed but my degree was not yet complete. I had to join the job after availing the study leave for two and half years. Getting a master's degree in medicine was not an easy job. The head of the department was very strict and cunning too.

I had performed well in the written courses and it was time now for the research. While my research was going on, The daughter of my major advisor was also doing her doctorate. I also had to search literature for her thesis from different libraries. I was putting in all the hard work and effort in my work and that of his daughter's as well but still the guide was not satisfied.

I had to be away from my family for earning this degree. I had completed all the research work and my thesis but the guide's negative and sadistic  attitude was hurting me too much. I felt like catching him up from the collar and ask him about delaying my degree for no cause, but I knew this would spoil everything including my impression on others.

My study leave was over and now I had to be on leave without salary to do my studies. I was heading towards financial crisis too, as I had exhausted all my savings during this period.

I thought of complaining to the vice-chancellor of the university but was scared of the consequences that I might face.

I requested my advisor to help me and my family by allowing me to submit my thesis and join the job but I felt that he enjoyed hurting others too much.

I wanted to fight with his sick psychology but didn't have that much of will power now.

I didn't have money to extend my studies further.

My wife had sold all her jewellery for the family expenses.

I was in a big trouble because of this degree that I couldn't leave in between. I didn't have the courage to face my staff and family without earning this degree.

So I decided not to face anybody including my guide, family and staff.

I consumed poison last night and was now on my journey to the world unknown.

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