I was sitting in the corridor and was waiting for the physiotherapist to come. I had an appointment with her today. Dr. Monika, the physiotherapist of this hospital was a beautiful and soft spoken lady. It always felt pleasent to meet her. I had suffered from a bad attack of backache again after a gap of fifteen days. I was advised to go on rest by the orthopaedic surgeon along with physiothrerapy.

I kept waiting for Dr. Monika to come but she didn't come. When the hospital staff enquired on the landline, they were told that she was not at home. Her mobile was switched off.

I was shifted back to my ward.

Next day also patients kept waiting but Dr. Monika didn't come.

Hospital staff felt sorry to all those who had come there for physiothreapy and were told that they would be informed about her availability on telephone tomorrow to avoid the wastage of time. Everyone's phone number was already there with the hospital's registration unit.

My back ache was still troubling and I was sure that my recovery would be hastened by the physiotherapy. The currents and fomentations in physio unit really helped me in recovery last time too.

Today morning when I was reading the newspaper, there was a news that shocked everyone there. It said that Dr. Meena had committed suicide. She had poisoned herself due to some family problems. Her dead body was recovered from the bathroom of her house and taken to the hospital for post-mortem.

Forgetting my back ache... I was not able to understand, how could such a sweet and soft spoken lady be so cruel to herself, the one who used to relieve us from pain...... how could she give so much of the pain to her own body.........and kill herself?

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