"I am going out and won't come back in your life again.”


I was shocked to hear these words from Shweta, Shweta for who I had kicked out my whole beautiful world. Shweta met me in an youth festival where we fell in love. I was then doing my M.D. in medicine and she was in her final year M.B.B.S... The distance of two hundrede kilometers in our medical colleges couldn't keep our hearts distant. Soon after the completion of our degrees, we got married.


Actually I was already engaged with a girl who was also doing M.B.B.S. in my college. It was an arranged relation from our families, to which I had no objection but when I met Shweta, I felt her to be my true love and so had refused to marry the girl whom I had been engaged to. That was a terrible day in my life.


My parents were still annoyed with me for it and they didn't even join my marriage ceremony.


Loosing everything but getting Shweta's company for life was enough to keep my life goin happily. I was also sure that one day my family would also accept me.


Last night I was talking about to Shweta, I was just casually discussing the things with her. In between the discussion, I told Shweta that sometimes I missed my family and I wanted me and her to go to them once and try to refresh the realtionship that had somehow suffered setback.


Shweta was so upset and annoyed with it that she had moved out of my life.


I am still thinking can relationships of love really be broken just by saying few words as my parents as well as Shweta did  to me or I did that to the girl with whom I was initially engaged with...?.....................

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