A weary traveler stopped at Bhola’s hut and asked for shelter for the night. Bhola was a friendly soul. He not only agreed to let the traveler stay for the night, he decided to treat his guest to some curried chicken. So he bought a couple of chickens from the market and gave them to his wife to cook. Then he went off to buy some fruit.


Now Bhola’s wife was a greedy woman. As she cooked the meat, she smelled the rich steam and could not help tasting a piece. It was tender and delicious and she decided to have another piece. Soon there was only a tiny bit left. Her little son, Munna ran into the hut. She gave him the little piece. Munna found it so tasty that he begged his mother for more. But there was no more chicken left.


The traveler who had gone to have a wash returned. The woman heard him coming and began to scold he son loudly:’ your father has taught you a shameful and disgusting habit. Stop it, I tell you!


‘What habit has his father taught your child?’ the traveler asked curiously. ‘Oh’, said the woman, ‘whenever a guest arrives my husband cuts off his ears and roasts them for my son to eat.’


The traveler picked up his shoes and fled.


‘Why has our guest left in such a hurry?’ asked Bhola, when he came back.


‘A fine guest indeed!’ exclaimed his wife . ‘He snatched the chickens out of my pot and ran off with them!’


‘The chickens!’ exclaimed Bhola. He ran after his guest, shouting . ‘Let me have one, at least; you may keep the other!’ But his guest only ran faster!




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