Do you come across itching dogs on the roads? I have come across many who have got severe itch and alopecia. They can be seen getting weak and weak day by day. It feels very painful to see them suffering like this. I often think of doing something for these poor animals but practically haven't done anything till today.

Today I have chalked out the plan to help these animals. I would be taking the help of an NGO to do so. I have talked to the veterinarian and he has told me that this condition is dermatitis due to Scabies. This happens due to the mites that can be seen microscopically. He also showed me a slide under the microscope to tell me what mites are actually. I was so surprised to see those creatures. Those leggy insect like things were so irritating to look at. I could imagine the mites travelling under the skin and cause itch. I even began feeling itchy after seeing those. But it was only psychological.

The vet has prescribed the medicine that can be given in the food. That is really a fantastic idea, no hassle to catch the dogs.

The NGO people and me will tomorrow buy some eggs and offer the dose of medicine to the stray dogs that we will see suffering from itch. The medicine will be given in eggs, one egg to each dog and I am hopeful that they are going to like it.

The same step will be repeated weekly for four weeks and I am hopeful, most of them will get relief.




These are the thoughts and plans of Meenal, an animal lover and I am hopeful she is going to make it

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