Naresh was a mason. He was working at the new hospital building. It was the hot month
of June. Naresh had to stand under the burning sun for eight hours everyday to lay bricks.
Today he sun was exceptionally bright. Naresh placed a wet towel over his head. It was
the last day of the month and he was to get his salary for the month. This money was just
enough to provide a decent living for his family. How hard he had to work to earn his
As soon as the day’s work was over, he collected his wages from the contractor and
started home on his cycle. He still had to go five kilometers but already his legs felt
What’s wrong with me to day?
He thought and the next moment he felt giddy and he blacked out. He fell flat on the
ground with his hard –earned money in his pocket.
Many people passed by but nobody had time to stop. Just then Mr. Prasad car passed
that way. Mr. Prasad was a judge in the court. When he saw a half-dead man lying by
the side of the road, he asked his driver to stop the car. The driver helped him to get into
the car. The cool air from the air-conditioner revived Naresh. But he was still feeling
very weak. As soon as he realized what had happened, his hand went straight to his
pocket. Thank God! Nobody had stolen his money while he had been unconscious.
Where do you live? Mr. Prasad in a kind voice Asked. Naresh explained the way to his
`Don’t worry about your cycle, it will be taken care of,’ said Mr. Prasad and told the
driver to drop Naresh at his house.
The next morning Mr. Prasad sat reading the newspaper in his lawn. The gate opened
and Naresh walked in. his six year old son was with him. The little boy held out a
bouquet of flowers to Mr. Prasad with a smile. Naresh stood there with folded hands.
Sir, I am so grateful to you. You saved my life. Had you not bothered to help me,
someone would have stolen the money from my pocket. I cannot even begin to imagine
how my family would have lasted without that money. I am really surprised that a great
and busy man like you took the trouble to save an ordinary poor man likes me’. Mr.
Prasad smiled gently without saying a word.
`But sir, everyone says that rich people like you have no time to waste. Then how could
you stop for a poor man like me? I really fail to understand this,’ Naresh went on.
At last Mr. Prasad with a smile, `in the eyes of God we are all human beings, his believed
children. He has made us all alike, giving us each a body and soul. God lives each one of
us. When we help one another, we are helping God. Indeed what I did for you, I did for
God, since He lives in you.’

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