This is a real story. My friend Sona was a beautiful girl in my college. Many boys were attracted towards her. One guy named Arjun was sincerely and deeply in love with Sona. But she negleted him, since she was attracted towards a handsome guy named Sundar. Sundar was a good flirt and was not good in his studies. After our college, we came to know that Sundar and Sona got married. Their marriage was not happy due to misunderstanding between them. One day at night about 12.30pm she came running for help to a friend's house which was nearby her house. Her face was pale and she was shivering. Her saree was not worn in a proper way. It was just wound around her body in a hurry. The reason is that Sundar, her husband compelled her to share that night along with his four friends, which reveals the dirty mind in a handsome man. After getting divorce from Sundar, Sona is now happy, you know why? because now she is married to the not-so-handsome Arjun, who accepted her in his life because of the true love for her.

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