Mahesh was a young boy, who could not do anything in time. He used to get up late though his mother used to set the alarm at 6A.M. for him to wake up. She spent much time trying to wake him up, in spite of all the other takes that she had to perform before leaving for her duties.


At last, Mahesh would get up, take his tea and go for bath. The thought that his father, brothers and sisters would he delayed did not other him. He would go on playing in the water, singing and taking his own time. If his parents scolded him, he would deliberately take more time. His mother would keep his breakfast, his uniform and everything else ready for him and wait patiently as scolding, beating or coaxing him would be of no use.


One day, Mr. Clock, hanging on the wall, and Mrs. Alarm Clock on the table, were watching the whole drama of his getting ready for school. They decided to teach him a lesson. They both stopped working. The wall clock stopped at 4 O’ clock and the alarm clock at 3 O’ clock


The alarm did not ring. His dad and mother complete their work in time and they knew the actual time as they both wore wrist watches. They told Mahesh about it but he was not convinced. As a result of this, he reached school late and was punished.


The teacher asked for his homework but he had no done it. The teacher asked for his calendar, but he could not find it in his bag. When he told the teacher that he had forgotten the calendar at home, he was punished and sent out of the class.


Meanwhile, the bell rang for the long recess and the children went out play. All his classmates began teasing him and so one was willing to play with him. He was sitting alone on a bench in front of the school.


A young stranger came to him and asked, `Why are you sitting here? You look sad, what is the matter with you?’ Mahesh told him what had happened. The stranger advised, `You come with me. There is no need for you to go school anymore. I will teach you new skills. You can Rupees 150/ daily. Then you need not bother about anything –your parents, your school, you teachers. You will be to do what you like. You will be happy.’ Mahesh’s mother had warned him of such strangers who kidnap children and train them to do bad things. So Mahesh did not listen to the stranger.


Luckily, the bell rang to announce the end of recess, and the stranger disappeared. Mahesh went to his class and told the teacher of his encounter with stranger. After the school got over, he came home with some bigger boys from the school lest the stranger should approach him again.


Mr. Clock and Mrs. Clock were leaving the house through the window. Mahesh cried out `Oh Mr. and Mrs. Clock! Why are you leaving the house and going away?’ Mr. Clock replied, `Why should we remain here? You do not have any regard for us. You are a lazy fellow! You get into trouble but still you do not mend your ways! We like children who go to school in time and use their time properly.’ Mrs. Clock added, `I have tried to help you by ringing the alarm so loud that even a deaf person would getup. But you! You are so lazy, you silence me by hitting on my head and \go me by hitting on my head go back to sleep. Your father and mother do so much for you. They work so hard but you don’t listen to them.


We have seen so many young children, who get ready without wasting any time and go to school happily. They eat properly, do their homework regularly. They find time for everything they would like to do, and go to sleep at the proper time. They are good and healthy children and give a good account of themselves not only in studies but also in other activities.’ Mr. and Mrs. Clock added, `we will go and live with such children.’


Mahesh pleaded, Mr. and Mrs. Clock! Please do not go away. All of us will be in trouble because of my lazy habits. I will do my best and change my habits from today. Thank you for making me realizes my mistakes.


Mahesh woke up with a startle and began thinking how top improve. The next day, he got up as soon as he heard the alarm. He got ready without giving trouble to anyone. He went to school, with all his home work completed. His parents and teachers were happy to notice the change in Mahesh. In the evening, his parents asked him how he had managed to change and become a New Mahesh’. He told them about his meeting with the stranger, and his dream of the clocks. After that Mahesh progressed well in school and also helped others to progress.


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