Once all the Gods requested Ma Bhagwati to take birth as Uma, the daughter of Daksh. But one day when Daksh insulted Uma’s husband Lord Shiva, she could not tolerate it. She jumped into the yagya fire and killed herself. After this incidence, Lord Shiva pledge not to marry again. He went into Samadhi and the world was thus in chaos.as-1

 Seeing all the violence and chaos around them the Gods went to Lord Vishnu for his help. Lord Vishnu said, `Everybody must pray to Ma Bhagwati and request her to take birth in human form to marry Lord Shiva. Then their son will kill the asuras and daityas and relieve this world from chaos.

 The Gods requested Ma Bhagwati. When she appeared, one of the Gods said, `Mother, we are being troubled by asuras and daityas. They can only be killed by Lord Shiva son. But if Lord Shiva does not agree for marriage, there will be no son of him so asuras and daityas will keep creating chaos everywhere.

 Ma Bhagwati agreed and said, `Naina Himachal’s wife, has been praying to me for a child. I will be born as her daughter and then I will Lord Shiva to save all of you from asuras and daityas.’

 At due time, Ma Bhagwati was born as the daughter of Himachal and Naina. Himachal and Naina named their daughter as Parvati. After many years Narad Muni went to meet Himachal and Naina. He told them, `Himachal, you daughter will save the world. Her life will be blissful but…’

 `But what’s wrong, Narad Muni’ Naina asked.

`But her husband will go around naked, formless, free of any materialistic desires, and free of worldly pleasures.’

 `Oh! I think you are talking about Lord Shiva,’ said Naina.

`Yes, that’s true, Narad Muni said.

`No, I will let my daughter be married to a yogi,’ insisted Himachal.

 On hearing all this, Parvati, very politely, said, ` I have no problem in marrying Lord Shiva.’

`But Parvati, it is very difficult to please him and it’s even more difficult to make him agree for marriage, as he has pledge not to marry.’

`I am ready to do anything you tell me, to make Lord Shiva my husband.’

Listening to all this Narad Muni felt very happy and asked Parvati to do penance. Parvati left her palace and grand ornaments. She wore a deer skin and reached the spot from where Ganga erupted in Himalayas. She sat there to meditate on Lord Shiva name.

Mean while Lord Vishnu and other Gods went to Lord Shiva to request him to marry again. They told him all about Parvati. Further when Lord Shiva came to know that Indra was homeless because asuras had taken over Amarawati, Lord Shiva was touched and agreed to marry Parvati and help everybody.

But first Lord Shiva wanted to test parvati’s devotion and determination. Lord Shiva told saptarishi to go and test Parvati. Saptarishi reached the place where Parvati was doing penance and asked why she was doing the penance.

When she said, that Narad Muni had asked her to do this, they said, `Oh! Why did you believe that Muni? He just likes to meddle in others’ affairs. He had caused the death of Daksh Prajapati’s ten thousand sons and you left your luxurious, comfortable life to become a tapasvini because of that Muni. `You are correct. But I have accepted Lord Shiva as my husband in my heart. I must marry him?’

Saptarishi was impressed by her devotion and determination. He went back and told everything to Lord Shiva. But lord Shiva was not satisfied. He wanted to test her devotion himself. So he went to Parvati disguised as a Brahmin. He said, `You are a beautiful woman. What are you doing in these thick \forests and mountains?’

Parvati told the Brahmin everything and served him with what she had. The Brahmin asked, `Why do you want to marry that yogi? He has nothing. He has nothing. He has no home to live, and has matted hair and lives with the ghosts. As wealth he has nothing but an old and weak bull.’

Hearing all this Parvati grew angry and said, `I am treating you with respect since you are my guest and a Brahmin. But do not you dare insult Lord Shiva as he is my husband and listening to such insulting talk a bout him is even more sinful. I request you to leave.’ Seeing parvati’s anger and devotion the Brahmin left that place.

Then lord Shiva went to Himachal and Naina to respectfully ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage. Parvati’s parents did not agree. So Lord Shiva sent Saptarishi to convince them. Soon parvati’s parents relented. Lord Shiva’s marriage procession had Gods, gandharvas, rishis, munis, ghosts and sorcerers. After few months Parvati gave birth to Lord Ganesh, who killed all the asuras and daityas to make all the three worlds peaceful.






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