Unity is great strength

A merchant story

A merchant had three sons. They lived as a happy prosperous family.

As the sons grew young, the joined their father in business.

In course of time, they were married. Their wives too joined the large family. But they were not happy in the family set-up. They wanted to set up independent homes with unlimited freedom.

Nagged by their wives, thee sons picked up courage to ask their father for separation.

`` Sure, if you and your wives so wish’’, replied the merchant

`` But give me the evidence if your strength to run independence household’’.

``we are ready to prove’’, all of them declared.

`` Bring a log’’. The merchant ordered, ``Now break it into two or more pieces by hand’’.

`` We can’t’’, they said even without trying. `` How can we break a log without an?’’

`` Then, axe the log into pieces’’, ordered the merchant. And they cut the log into pieces.

`` Now break the pieces of wood into two or more pieces’’, said the merchant.

`` Of course!’’ and each of the sons easily broke the pieces of wood.

`` Now you under stand. So long as we are a united family like the log, nobody can harm or separate, we become weak. Anybody can break everyone of you’’, advised the merchant.

The sons and their got the lesson, they agreed to remain in one household.

Thus the story of the merchant and his sons shows that unity is strength.


His sons 3, it is individual, that means 1, 1, and 1.

But three sons unity strength is 111. That means how much is there? – One and eleven amount. So it is big.

United we stand, divided we fall. If it is true of a family, it is equality true of a society or a country. It is truer of a country like ours. Our country is a land of many races, religion and languages. It is easy to bring divisions among people. Infact the history of our country teaches us that she has lost her freedom because of disunity. The princely states of our country had been fighting among themselves. One state wanted to dominate the other. So much so, the country had no unity. The British had taken advantage of this situation. Slowly they occupied one state after another. Finally they established their rule here.



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