A kid was standing in midst of hustling bustling of bazaar. With his eyes he was observing this world which was still a mystery to his innocent mind. He little mind was unable to decode the language of world, he could not understand the complexities of this life. To him chocolates, toys and friends were all he knew and wanted. He was busy and lost in looking at people in bazaar, suddenly when a voice came from behind "  somu, o somu, where are you lost? let's go home". No reply came from somu, angry and frustated his mother called him out again "somu, aren'tyou listening?, son, it's too late now, let's go home". But this words meant nothing to him. No, don't think he is a spoilt kid who does not listen to his mother when she calls for him. But it is his mother who has forgotten the accident that somu met few days back and that  too is because Somu has never let his limitation play with his routine life. He was playing with his friends when suddenly a car came from behind and hit him harshly. He fall unconscious at the accident spot and when he regained his consciousness he was in a hospital, a starnger passing by had taken him to hospital, somu was bleeding profusely and was unconscious, the car driver fled away fearing police case and his friends had run to inform his parents about this accident. When a starnger saw him lying on road, taking pity on him he took somu to hospital, where doctors started immediate treatment labelling this as urgent case as his brain was injured and this could lead to serious disimpairement. His parents were shocked on hearing this news and they ran to hospital only to find out that somu had lost his ears to this accident and now they would have to learn sign language if they wanted to communicate with their son. The hopes of his parents were all shattered and future seemed bleak to them. However, when somu regined hisconsciousness and was asking his parents as what was wrong and why his mother was constantly sobbing and could not control her tears. On hearing this, his mother felt an ache in her heart, not knowing what to say his father wanted to tell him that his mother was shocked as she could not see her son in this condition but did not know how to convey his message to his son, how to tell him that now he would have to understand things just by gestures as his ears are on life long rest. His father could not utter a word and had tears in his eyes. Somu was confused and wanted to know why his parents were so depressed and looked very tired. Suddenly he saw a man approaching him with a lady in white uniform. He could understand that the man was his docotor. So he thought he would ask doctor as to what had happen to him, he was feeling fit and fine except few of the bandages that were there on his hands, so what is it that his parents seem so worried about. Finally doctor was standing near his bedside, nurse was taking some observations on a machine lying besides his bed and both doctor and nurse were having some conversation about somu's health. His parents were also involved in this conversation, however, Somu could not hear a word of it and was unable to understand what was happening to him, why was he not able to hear what was being talked. Somu was an intelligent child, it took him few minutes to understand what was wrong. He was aghasted to understand that he had lost his ears. He felt as if world around him suddenly stood still. But Somu was just not an intelligent boy but was a very matured and understanding child, so immidiately he controlled his shock and tears that were about to flow fromhis eyes. He decided not to cry over his loss and thought that he could have lost his life or hands or legs which would have been worse than death. He had just lost his ears and he was confident enough that he could still live his life decently,  just that he would have to compromise and adjust at times a bit more than the normal child. Doctor after observation went away and gave relieving order for Somu, his parents took him home. Somu took his mother's hand in his hand and told her that heknows about the loss and was still thankful to god. His mother could not understand how to react, she always knew that Somu had a very matured mind though he behaved very childishly at times. Her 10 year old son was more brave than her husband and herself, he had the ability to see what his parents could not. When Somu went home, his friends surrounded him, all of them wanted to know about his health. To everyone, Somu seemed quiet fine. After few days his friends again visited him and called him to play with them, Somu too had forgotten his lost and had accepted the life the way it was. He went to play with his friends. They were playing this game where they have to sing film songs on the last word on which the previous song ends. Somu was a champion in this game and had always won it. Today, all his friends thought the same and challenged Bhagu, the kid who lived in next lane and was a rival to somu's group. Bhagu was a very arrogant kid and was disliked by all kids except a few who had ganged up with him as he was very powerful, he could beat black and blue and still go scott free as his brother was known as big bad boy of the area. Bhagu as well accepted the challenge though he has lost so many times while playing against Somu and his team. But his ego and arrogance forced him to play again. The game started and as always they were playing well, it was Somu's turn now and Somu did not kow what to do because all those beautiful songs that were sung by his friends could not be heard by him and so he did not know on what word he has to start his song with. So assuming it to be some word that he could guess by lips of friend who was singing, he sang a song but it was wrong and he lost and his team lost just by one point and it was because of him. Everyone was angry with Somu and wanted to know what was wrong with him, then a little kid from Somu's neighbourhood was passing by and when he heard all of Somu's friends asking him about it, he told them that Somu had lost his ears. All his friends were shocked and did not know what to say. One by one all of his friends went away. And next day meaning of friendship changed for Somu, now no one wanted to play with Somu, everyone tried to escape when Somu called them to play. Somu was very disheartened and he cried a lot when he was all alone at home. He was asking god as to why was he punished, was he not the good boy that God had wanted him to be?. All of a sudden, a hand patted his back and he turned to see who it was. It was Bhagu, Somu was stunned and shocked to see him, what was Bhagu doing here?.  Somu knew that Bhagu hated him because every kid in the area was afraid of Bhagu and would never dare to go against him, it was only Somu who would oppose if Bhagu did anything wrong with anyone and he was not afraid even to fight with Bhagu for other people's rights. Today, when for those whom Somu had innumerable times fought with Bhagu had turned their faces away from Somu, it was Bhagu who stood by Somu. He told Somu that world had very cruel ways and till the time you would suppor their cause, people would be with you, but the moment you stop doing that for any reason, they would not take a minute to disown you. He told Somu that he had seen what had happen with his family when they lost their property and money and were on roads from their high-end bunglow. He said that this is why he had chose to put up this face of being arrogant. Though he knew that this was not right, but it was to protect himself that he pictured himself to be a very arrogant and powerful boy. Though Bhagu was having difficulty in explaining this to Somu as he had to explain it by sign language. That day onwards Somu and Bhagu became best of friends and out of fear of Bhagu, kids accepted Somu and his limitation. Today, Somu had come to bazaar with his mother and while his mother was busy in buying things for her house, Somu was standing their waiting for her and was thinking what had he learn from the accident. He told to himself that- Moral of the story is:- He had learn that though he had lost ears, he still had his will power and he could make life beautiful by his thoughts. He learnt that God had not been cruel to him and he was in much better condition than those who had lost their hands or legs. He learnt that however good you be to the people, they would be with you till their self interest are served but you should still do good to them because then when you need help, God will send his angels to you, like Bhagu in his case who helped him restore his lost self-respect. He learnt that no matter what, you should never give up because when you don't give up, You will find a solution to all your problems. He learnt that world can take everything away from you but not the love of your parents and your faith in yourself. God never disowns you whoever you might be.

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