Rahi and Rohit, sister and brother respectively, with a gap of two years between them. Both of them studied in very prestigious school and lived in a Mumbai city with their parents. Both of them loved their grandparents and it was the time of the year when their grandparents visited them for fortnight. But this time both children had their exam schedule clashing with the visit of their grandparents. So their mother was always pressurising them for studies with studies and she told them they should finish up with exam preparations before their grandparents visit because then they would be busy playing and chatting with them. She knew how children were fond of grandparents and so she was worried that they finish up their syllabus before the visit. Children had not other option but had to obey their mother's orders. She cancelled their daily playtime and alloted evenings for revision of the lesson they learnt the previous day. Children were very upset and tried arguing with her but in vain.

Days passed by and finally the day for which children awaited was here. Their grandparents had arrived. Also there were few weeks left for exams so it was the last minute studies that was scheduled for them by their mother. As presumed by their mother, children spend their entire days talking and moving around with their grandparents. This way they passed their entire week and now only last few days were left for their exams to start. But one night health of their grandfather deteriorated. And he was admitted to hospital that very night. Doctors said that it was emergency case and if they had been little late then then there was danger to grandfather's life.

Entire family was now busy looking after him and children were worried and could not concentrate on their studies because of regular visits of hospital and all that was going on in their home. Finally it was the day of exam and children appeared in their exams without studying for the last week.


Their grandfather was released from the hospital and was doing fine. His health had recovered an now there was nothing to worry about. Children were also done with exams and it was vacation time. Gradfather stayed at their place for 15 days more as no one allowed him to go. Normally he would stay for 15 days in a year but this time he stayed a little longer and added 15 days more to his trip and all of them went to nearby hillstation and famous shrine to spend the rest of the vacation. Grandfather thanked his son and daughter-in-law for the care they had taken and he said that he had learnt that one should never be late in showing gratitude and love because one never knows if he will ever again get a chance to do so. Those extended 15 days became memorable days for entire family. Grandfather went back to his village and children resumed their school.


Today, it was parents-teacher's meeting and result of the exam was to be announced today. Both children and their parents were worried as they knew in what condition children had appeared for exams. Results were announced and children with baited breath read their result and they could not believe their eyes. Both children had passed with distinction. Both of them hugged their parents and all of them went out for lunch as a treat for results. Children realised that it was because of their mother's foresight that they could pass their exams so well. It was because they had utilised the time they had on their hand before grandparents visit that they could still manage to pass exams eventhough they could not study in last week before exams.


Moral of the story

Children learned importance of time.

They learned that because they studied on time, they could pass their exams with flying colours eventhough they could not do lastminute revisions.

They learned that because their parents took timely decision to admitt grandfather in hospital, his life was saved.

Most importantly they learned that one should never be late in expressing his love and gratitude because life may or may not give you second chance.





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