My mother's house is in Guduvanchery. Guduvanchery is very near to Tambaram. Yes, we come to the story. A two streets away from our house, one house was there. Everyone called it the ghost house. Everyone was afraid to go near it. It would be very dangerous. Small children were afraid of playing  nearby. People used to tell many, many stories about it.  

The people used to tell "yesterday the devil came. It was like this was so." The ghosts do not have legs. Dressed up in a white sari like ghost stories. Everybody spread the stories. All blamed the ghost when someone died. They used to say he died because of the ghost. 

We were yoing. we used to walk away from the house. Afraid so. Nobody was ready to rent the house. Whether it was a ghost in the house, everyone believed that devil was in the house. . No one was willing to rent. Adults told ghost stories and frightened.  others went away.  

Okay, I hear you asking, what is the relation of your title. The relation is there. The house was sold to people who build apartments. They demolished the building and built a new apartment.The ghost house has become a wonderful apartment. What is the current status of the terrible house you know? Wonder if you'll ask. People bought that flats by using lots of money. One flat rate is 70 lakhs. Competitive purchase of the house. Where the devil went. Nobody knows the answer for this question. The apartment has a blue color. The apartment name is "Golden Park". 

In the past, nobody loved the home. But at present everyone loves the home. We sense a virtual ghost. Now the ghost disappeared, and the good home has appeared. Every one is ready to pay a good rent for that house. Did you see how it is. Ghost story house has turned into good house. Today I saw the apartment residence. It's a beautiful apartment. Many peoples have settled in that house. People from different places have  bought the house. They do not know the ghost stories. Nobody spreads them because they don't even know them. Those who Lived in the area for many days only know the stories.

Apartment dwellers will not talk to anyone.The stories eventually get forgotten. If we think the devil is there, the devil is there. If we think the devil is not there, he will not there. Everything is in our beliefs. Well, if you think it will happen. You want a house in Golden park, contact me. I will book it for you. Contact as soon as possible. If you do not contact, they will sell it soon. 

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