Kumar worked as a clerk in the company. Kumar took part in a ceremony at the company. His boss also took part in the ceremony. Kumar's boss was speaking. That time Kumar sneezeed. Did he watch when sneezing? Is not it? Kumar feared that his boss noticed him when sneezing. The ceremony was over. Boss went his home. Kumar also returned back to home. But his mind was preocuppied with  sneezing during ceremony. The boss watched it. What to do? He regretted very much. Sleep did not come to him. He thought of what his boss would think about him. After deep thought, he decided to explain to his boss what hds happened. 

Kumar had to go to work the next day at 10 am, but he went at 6 am. He was thinking  how to explain to his boss. Boss came. The boss entered the room. Kumar was scared. He asked permission of his boss to enter his room. The boss asked him what he wanted. He started explaining-" I  sneezed during ceremony. Excuse me, boss. That come naturally. This will not happen again boss. Forgive me."  The boss could  not understand what he was talking about. He simply said "ok. You please carry on". It was a big relief to Kumar. But his boss did not even see him sneezing. This is what really happened. Many of us are like Kumar. Kumar's action would be funny if you read it. Many people in the world  do like this only. The reason may be different. 

Somebody may think he did not wish good morning to  boss so what the boss would think. All these are unwanted thoughts. Employers do not have time to think about us. The intention of boss is to expand the business. But we always think about them. We apologize too much for small things.  This story appears funny. But so  happens in some cases. One day my friend lamented for not saying good morning to his  boss. This is a very small thing. But sometimes we worried about a lot, like Kumar. 

Some people pose show as if they are  working hard when seeing the boss. Do your job. Forget about the output. It is GeethaUpadesam-Bhagavat Gita. Good results may come when we are doing good. We do not need to expect. Expectations create the disappointments. Expect less. Live weight. We cannot change the thoughts of anybody's heart. We will do our actions properly. It's enough to raise us. 

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