Suman thought of knowing God. He began search for a good Guru. He wavered on it here and there. He did not get a good priest. He was so upset. Suman, however, did not stop his search. Finally he found a guru. Guru preached the good teachings to Suman. Suman got involved in his preachings. He stayed 3 years with Guru. He  Learnt all meditative practice. The Guru told him to go home because he had learnt everything. He gave him a lot of advice. He said that God will protect us all the time. We do not need to fear anything. 

Guru's instructions are stored in Suman's mind. Suman returns  home. Suman went to the market one day. He saw a lot of people running fast. He asked to them. "Why you are running so fast".  He was told that an elephant was chasing from behind then. "Run" "Run" they screamed. He could not hear their words. He went on his way. He believed that  God would protect them.  Elephant hurt  him. 

He was badly hurt. He was admitted to the hospital. Suman felt angry at the Guru. He believed that he got hurt because of the Guru's advice. Guru came to meet him. Suman did not want to meet the Guru. The Guru had come looking for him. He came before him.  Guru said- I told that God will protect us. I still say the same thing. 

Suman said, God did not protect me. you lied. I became dependent on you. You lied to me!'  He screamed. 

Guru said "Calm my son"

"Calm my son'

God spoke to you. But you did not hear the words of the God.


Suman said "God spoke to me. Again you are telling the lie." 

No. God spoke to you when you got hurt. 

No No he screamed. 

Others revealed that the elephant was  chasing from behind.  God cannot speak to you direct. He can speak only through other humans. You only have to see God in other people's words. You did not hear the Word of God. That's why you got hurt. 

Suman apologized to Guru. I misunderstood what you said. God can not communicate direct to us. We can see God by humans only. Guru prayed to the God to Suman will get well soon. 

Suman returned home lived a great life. Did his best to help others. He was happy in life. 

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