I wish to share with you my aunt's life. She was my mother's elder sister. She is 20 years elder than my mother. My mother was the last child in the family. My aunt's name is Susai Mary. My aunt's life is slightly different. The aunt wedding was at a very young age. He is too elder than her. A female child was born of their marriage relationship. The child had died at a young age. And then her husband died because of sickness.

Everything is over the age of 17. Her mother wanted to get remarried for her daughter. Finally she got one guy. He was worked in Militery. After that she never conceived. No child for them. She lived in a village. The village name is K.K. Pudur. It is very near to Madhuranthagam of Chengalpattu district.

She is not jealous with anyone. She loved everyone without any expectations. She used to give food if anyone come to her. It is natural only. But she used to give whenever they ask. She used to cook very well. She wears nice clothes. She lived in the hut house only. She had a very, very broad mind. If any one ask any help, she will definitely do it for them.

She often come to my house. When we are children, she used to buy lots of snacks. I'm afraid to see him at my childhood. I had a fever when I saw her. She does not frighten me. But I do not know what the cause to fear. Age and the age of the fear disappeared. 

She had a lot of land. She will use to give rice and other food grains to us. She used to give whatever required for cooking. If we go to her village we will stay in her home only. More relations are there in that village. But we used to stay with her only. She have the best hospitality. She loved us so much. We also loved her so much. 

She used to go to the temple every day. Be sure to take us to the temple. Teach us something about God. She used to putting up a very beautiful Rangoli on the threshold.

She had another strange behaviour. The stories what has happened in her place she spreads to everyone in town. We called her as a All India Radio. She shared all stories happened in her village with us. So all the things we know will happen in the city. She used to repetedly told about the issue until it ends. That is her character. She used to solve the problems of others. She did not save any money. She loved all children like her children. She had a unique personality. It was not with others. 

Her husband died 8 years ago. She got her husband's pension. In which she had done in her life. 2 years later, she's sick. She died last year. She is a good example of a woman. We pray for her soul. This is the story of her. You like her story? Thank you for reading her story.

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