Vasuki is heroine of this story. she murdered her two children. Why this heinous act occurred. Vasuki was born in a very poor family. She has three elder sisters and two younger brothers. It is very difficult to get married. Because they are very poor. The marriage of her sisters finished. 

Vasuki was engaged to someone 15 years older than her. Vasuki's wedding took place in a temple. It was a very simple marriage. Vasuki went to her Husband's village after marriage. Her husband did not give her money to spend. Vasuki worked hard. Vasuki earned money necessary for life. Two children were born to her. She was so happy.

Vasuki brought up children in a good way. Both children studied well. They got good marks in exams. 

At the moment, they all heard one shocking news. Her husband was examined by doctors who said he is affected by AIDS. She got herself examined  and they conformed AIDS had affected all in her family. AIDS corrosion on one side. The community ​​tortured on the other side. She was innocent. Her children were too innocent. But all were affected by AIDS. Her husband is the only reason for all this. He was having an illicit relationship with many women. 

That is why all are affected by AIDS. She is very, very dominant woman. She lost all her faith. She decided to kill both children because she was not able to see the sufferings of children. So she made this cruel decision. She killed both the children. When she hanged  herself, she was saved by the relations. They admitted her in the hospital and saved her. 

Her children had been killed nearly two and a half years back. She lived a deadly life. She also committed suicide. Vasuki got buried. One's evil life destroyed three innocent people's life

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