You are going to read the horror nights.Every day I used to have a disturbed sleep. One day me and my mom sleept together in our apartment in Tirupathi. One day due to the exam, I went to sleep late at night. I switched off my laptop and kept all the other things in my room properly and went to sleep. I slept within few moments as I was tired by studying for the exam. I closed my eyes and went asleep. Then I found someone is blowing in my ears with their mouth with great force. I opened my one eye to see the person who is blowing very hard in my ear. But noone is there. This happened many times. This incident continued repeatedly atleast for three days. Then I have been to sleep at the fourth day. The same thing happened on this day also.I started praying HANUMAN. As soon as I completed the chant again I found the same thing happenning which made me terrified. So, I went to the ENT doctor immediately on the next day morning. He said that I have no medical problems. 


I asked my mom whether she felt the same thing. But she said " I slept very well this night". As this happened in winter season, all doors and windows were closed. Fans and air conditionars are kept off. I woke up at 1:30 Pm. At that time I did'nt feel any disturbance. When I started chanting the Hanuman mantra, someone held their hand on my mouth not making me to chant mantra. I am unable to breath. But this devil did not leave its hand. I felt nervous and fell down. The next day when I woke up in the morning, I found me on the floor. I went to a rishi and revealed all my problems. He started doing pooja for two days. This gave a positive result. After that day I did not find any disturbance at nights. Really belief in god gets you out of every type of problems.

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