In a village, there was a beautiful glass house. The Glass House was so beautiful. So many people used to visit the glass house. It was very famous in the nearby  cities.  Glass House's fame spread around the world. A small village became the most famous tourist destination.

The business was well going in the surrounding shops. All the people were happy. There appeared many new restaurants. Sales were higher in all. Everyone  lived very happy life. 

In the city there were two dog pups. The first dog name was Puppy. The Second dog's name was Tommy. Puppy was always happy. It decided first to see the glass house. The day came to an end. Puppy was ready to see the glass palace. 

Puppy took bath in the morning and got ready. She wore a pretty dress. It was delighted to see herself in the mirror in her house. 

Puppy went to the Glass Palace. Bought an Entrance ticket. The Pupp's image was seen in all the glasses. She was so happy. It shook its tail. The puppy thought more puppies dog were there. They were welcoming her with the joy. 

I've got so many friends that she was happy. Puppy dog happily returned to her home. Tommy had a frowning face. She also decided to see the glass palace. 

One day tommy tog went there. Bought an Entrance ticket. It got inside of the Glass Palace. It saw many frowning dogs. It got scared and returned home. Tommy thought how many enemies he had. He would  never go to the glass palace again. More enemies waited there tor kill him. Tommy thought like that. 

If you put the love seed you can harvest the love seeds. If you put hatred and anger seeds, you can get only that. This is the moral of the story. Life the reflection of thoughts and deeds. Do good things. Do good harvest. 

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