Gadwal was a kingdom in India. Vikram Varma was the king of Gadwal. Indumati was the only daughter of king of Gadwal. She grew up and was in her early twenties. He wanted a suitable match for his daughter. He asked his daughter's opinion about her marriage proposal. Princess agreed to his proposal. After getting positive reply from his daughter, the king informed of her daughter's marriage proposal to other kings of India. Twenty kings responded to this marriage proposal. King wanted to select suitable person after verifying character and bravery. Princess agreed to the proposal and shortlisted three persons. King called selected persons and allowed them a week to win the heart of the princess. After one week the first person Yuvraj brought some valuable diamonds and gold ornaments for princess.

Second person Veerraj presented some valuable war material which could be obtained near boarders. Third person named Suraj came back empty handed. King asked him for the reason. Suraj told the king that when he was crossing the boarder he heard some cries from a nearby village. He came to know that a group of gangsters had attacked the village men. He decided to fight against those gangsters along with some brave youth of the village. Though he and his men defeated the gangsters, he stayed there a week to protect them. He came back after village men regained self confidence. Then the king reveled that the gangsters were sent by him to test the character and bravery of the candidates for his daughter's marriage. Suraj only responded and saved the villagers. Both king and princess were pleased with Suraj. King and the princess selected Suraj as he was brave and wise. Suraj and princess were soon tied in nuptial knot. The subjects were very happy with getting Suraj as their crown prince. He particpated in affairs of kingdom and also in wars. He brought glory to the kingdom. Now the king was without any worries. 

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