A master and 5 disciples started one journey. The master name was YOGI. The reason for the journey was to build a temple in another state. Toured throughout the day. 5 disciples were tired and asleep. The Guru has not only sleeps. He began to pray out loud to God. Thank you God for us to gave everything today. Thank you for that. He prayed. One disciple woke up from sleep when hearing the prayer of Guru. The disciples became very angry. Today we did not get food. Water is not available. There was no good place for sleep. Then why the guru said thanks to god. It was the reason for his angry. 

The disciple went to the Guru. He asked angrily why you said thanks to God. Today we did not get food. Water is not available. There was no good place for sleep. What we have got before, we did not get today. What is the reason for your Thanks. He asked. Guru has replied to his question. We got the hungry feeling today and also the thirsty feeling today that is the reason why I said thanks to God. The disciple laughed at him. Nobody would thank god for those things what you have told me. That was really funny the disciple said. 

Today you go to sleep. Tomorrow I will explain to you about this. Guru said. The disciples did not sleep the whole day. He thought about what explanation tomorrow the Guru will give. The whole day gone. Another day he went and meet the Guru. 

He began his sermon. You have to realize that sorrow and the happiness mixed in life. We have not able to separate it from life. Go and catch one butterfly. Guru asked the disciple. Disciple went for catching the butterfly. He never got the butterfly. All butterflies flew off. He was so sad and returned back to the Guru. 

The Guru said. Don't worry. Come Let's enjoy the Nature. He said and they went to the garden and enjoyed the Nature. Both were so happy when seeing the nature. At that time one butterfly automatically came and sat on the disciple hand. The Guru said see this is the nature. When you were searching for the butterfly you have never got it. When you were not searching for the butterfly, the butterfly automatically reached you. If you search for happiness you cannot achieve happiness. When you do your duty well, then the happiness will come automatically. This is the rule of life. You have to realize this. You can get the progress gradually. He understood the philosophy of life. Lived a happy life.

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