Once upon a time, there lived two brothers. Elder brother's name was Arun and the younger brother's name was Kumar.  One day they went into the market to sell the horses. They both had a large family to support. The market was too far from the village. Arun horse was male horse and the Kumar's horse was the female. The little horse was born that night to Kumar's horse. Both slept well that night. When they woke up, they saw an infant horse. Both were fought for the small horse. 

This issue was brought to the king of them. The king immediately understood the problem. This means that the horse is of Kumar. The king was ready to say the verdict. When the verdict was ready to tell, Kumar's eyes were blinking. Following this, the king was furious. It was a bad time to Kumar. King felt that the Kumar made the mistake. King wanted to punish Kumar. 

He did not say the verdict immediately. Delayed without justification. King was a test for both. You will have to bring water with your hand tomorrow. This was the exam for you, King said. Both were agreed to this condition. Arun was brought into the water by hand. The water was poured down. Arun was very upset. Kumar came with ice. After reaching the kingdom, he put the ice in a tumbler. 

Kumar won the test. King amazed the wisdom of Kumar. Kumar gave the judgment of the horse. Kumar was very happy. Kumar sold the two horses, earned a lot. Starting a new business won. Built a beautiful house. He married a beautiful girl. Kumar had 2 children.

The king ruled the town wisely. Truth always prevails. The proud Kumar had now become very humble and gentle. The whole family lived a very happy life.

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