Once upon a time, a king lived in a country. He has a daughter and her name is “Yuvarani”. Princess Yuvarani used to play with the Minister's son and the other children. Minister's son has a friend who looks so thin like a stick. Everyone used to call him as “stick man”. They used to feel very happy while playing.  In one day, a troll came and put the princess in jail. King asked to the Minister, to rescue his daughter. The minister said, as he is old so he will send his son to the princes. King agreed with the minister. Therefore, the minister told him to save the princess.

The Minister’s son replied that it is impossible for him and he won’t do it. But the minister said to his son that he should save her, otherwise king will him. So minister’s son started worrying as if he goes there, while saving her troll may engulf. Then Stick man told that he will help him to rescue the princess from troll and those trolls are with big stomach so with clever deceit we can win them. The minister's son and stick man went to the troll place. They both had hidden over there. They took a piece of cloth bags which are big in size. Stick man said that he will swallow those trolls. Then after hearing stick man’s words troll started laughing by saying “really funny”. The Stick man and the minister’s son by showing the big bags and buffalo’s head which is a toy, then screamed loudly. Therefore, Troll ran scared and rescued the princess then handed to the king. The king was so happy on behalf of his daughters return to him safely. So he gifted a lot of gold to the Minister, his son and to Stick Man. Hence ‘Good friendship earns best credits’ as the minister’s son and his friend are good friends. Both were happy.

Conclusion of the story

Good friendship will provide fame and honor.  Don't ever judge anyone by their appearance which is  a wrong attitude.


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