Once upon a time, there lived a man named Nirmal Raj. He was very poor. He was Young (24 years) and energetic guy. He lived near a thick forest. He had a large family to support (Father, Mother and 3 sisters). One day he went into the woods to gather firewood. When he was gathering the firewood he saw a very beautiful girl who is playing with her friends. He was entranced by the beauty of the girl. The girl was slim and cute. He asker her what she was doing in the forest. When she told her that she was playing, he was very happy to hear her words. He was happy to see the girl. 

He asked her where she was coming from. She replied that she was coming from a great Pallava dynasty. She replied that her father name was Mahendraraja Pallava. Nirmalraj decided to go with her. He wanted to see her palace. She lived in a very magnificent palace. Nirmalraj had longed to marry her. He went to the palace and asked the wish to her father who was the king of the dynasty. But the king was not ready to give his daughter to him. 

The king told him that whoever would answer his new riddle would marry his daughter. Poor Nirmalraj had to agree. The king is so proud who thought himself to be the most intelligent person on the earth. His riddles were so difficult that nobody could answer them. Nirmalraj thought of trying his luck. King said "You have to pass a test in order to marry my daughter. In my stable there is a bear. If you spend a night with it and are alive by the morning, my daughter shall marry you." Nirmalraj believed in the philosophy, "Nothing venture, nothing win". He, therefore accepted the challenge. When he went to the stable where the bear was kept, it pounced on him and wanted to kill him immediately. 

But Nirmalraj was a clever person. He said 'Let me first eat some fruits.". He took out some fruits from his pocket and started eating them. Seeing the fruits, the bear's mouth watered and it asked for some fruits. He gave him some pebbles that looked like fruits. The bear could not eat them. It thought that the person was really a wonderful person. Nest he took out his fiddles from his pocket and started playing on it. The bear liked the music and started dancing. He too wanted to play on the fiddles. He asked him if he would teach him to play the fiddle. Nirmal agreed and said, "First I shall have to trim your claws. He took out a vice and started turning it on the paws of the bear. The fur of the paws got entangled in the vice. He said "Let me get my scissors" He went in one of the corner and slept. The bear sat near the vice and groaned the whole night. The king thought that it must have killed the person. He was very happy. 

However, in the morning he saw Nirmal coming out of the stable. The king had no other choice. So he decided to arrange the marriage of them. Nirmal and the princess got married and lived happily. Nirmal had now become very rich and royal. He got enough money to survive the entire life. 

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