Once a poor farmer lived with his wife. The name of the farmer was "Joseph". The name of the farmer's wife was "Mary". The couple was childless. Their land was infertile and dry. They had a cow that gave a very little milk. Their life was full of misery. The couple longed for a baby so that there would be some cheerfulness in the house. Many years passed and at last they had a baby boy. He was named 'Robert'. Robert was very, very intelligent and cheerful. His parents were very happy to have the baby boy. They had now some cheerfulness in their life. As the boy grew, he started helping his parents.

He joined to work with a wizard. His job was to clean the house, swept the floor, dusted the furniture, test tubes apparatus, pour water to the plants etc. He was the best worker one who got the appreciations from the boss. He was a young and energetic guy. He also labeled the jars containing various things the wizard needed. There were so many books in the wizard's room. His important work was dusting all the books in the wizard's room. He kept the room locked all the time. 

Robert when cleaning the room, the Wizard will be with. After cleaning, the wizard would close the room. Robert had a curious desire to read the books. But he never got a chance as the wizard kept it locked most of the time. One day wizard went to a wedding. He forgot to lock the room. It was the best chance for Robert to read the books. He did not want to miss the opportunity. 

There would not have this opportunity again to him. He wanted to use the opportunity. He started reading of one book. He was excited and opened the book. He did not understand anything written in the book. He tried to read it. He  wished he could cast atleast one spell. He tried to read some words that sounded like 'Laka Laka'. Suddenly a flying disc appeared before Robert. Robert was frightened when seeing the flying disc. The flying disc, was a dwarf. 

Dwarf brought Robert to the flying disc. The flying disc flew off. It all happened within a second. Robert was very scared. He asked the dwarf where are you taking me. The dwarf would not replied. Robert got tired and slept. The dwarf brought Robert to a very magnificent palace. The king was childless. He longed for a prince one who look after the dynasty. 

The dwarf said to the king that "I have brought you a son". The king was so happy when seeing Robert. He made Robert as a king for a dynasty. Robert was very happy. He was a rich man now. Although, he never met the dwarf again, but he always remembered him. Robert went to his home. The parents were happy to see him again. They were not poor anymore. The family lived happily ever after. Robert helped his parents in everything they did.

Robert married the Princes from the neighbourhood palace. She was very beautiful and intelligent girl. Her name was "Jayanthi". They lived a very, very happy and peaceful life. 

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