Mahalakshmi and Mahadevan are playing in the playroom. Their toys are everywhere. Suddenly Mummy comes into the room. 'What a mess!' Mummy says crossly. 'Do you ever tidy up anything? After dinner you must tidy this up!

When they have finished eating, Daddy says 'Well, I think it is about time that you start tidying up.' But we want to play,' complain Mahalakshmi. Mummy crosses her arms in front of her chest and pulls an angry face. 'And what if the christmas santaclass comes up? She asks. 'Have you heard of him?' 'No Mummy' They both screamed together.

Mummy leans over to the children. They listen closely. 'Listen,' Mummy continues. 'The santaclass loves toys. Children who never tidy up won't notice when a toy disappears.' Santaclass will give the toys to others who tidy up their place.  cleanly. Mahalakshmi and Mahadevan look at Mummy with big eyes. 'As soon as he has made off with one toy, he will come back to get another toy... And he continues until there are no toys left.' But if you started tidy up daily, then he will give you new beautiful toys. 

The children are speechless......They run out of the dining room and a minute later they return. 'Mummy, Daddy...,' Mahadevan says out of breath. 'The santaclass has taken our favourite doll and car! We can't find them anywhere!' shouts Mahalakshmi. 'You see, I was right,' says Mummy. 'Go and tidy up quickly before he takes all the toys. Save your toys and start your work. 

The children run back to the playroom and start tidying up quickly. A little later they are back to the dining room. 'We have finished,' say Mahalakshmi and Mahadevan. 'Has the santaclass taken anything else' Mummy asks. 'I don't think so,' says Mahalakshmi feeling sad. 'But we have lost our doll and car....'

But sometimes santaclass gives the toys back. The children look at Mummy intently. 'Sometimes, when you tided up well, the santaclass will give you a reward. Then he will bring back the toys and he reward you the new toys also. He will definitely appreciate your efforts. 'Yes go and have a look. I thought I heard something in the play room,' Daddy says.

Mahalakshmi and Mahadevan run out of the room. A second later they storm back into the dining room. 'Daddy, Mummy! our favourite toys are back! and there are new beautiful toys also there in playroom. We are so happy. The new clothes also available there. Santhaclass uncle gave the reward as the Christmas gift those are very valuable to us.' 'As long as you continue tidying up, everything will be fine. says Mummy.' Daddy also nod his head for the sign of acceptance. Children are too happy and they always tidy up their room. It has changed as a habit for them. The family lived happily ever after.

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