Arun 10-year-old boy. The name of his mother, Tina. Arun was very worried. Because his mother was not feeling well. She has blood cancer and hospitalized. Family members, admitted her in the hospital. His mother told him not to take leave for school because his studies may spoil. He was regularly going to school. Arun's father who is used to taking care of his wife while she was ill. He was a good father. The family wanted to the recovery of Arun's mother. She was given a high medical treat. Doctor's told to save the Arun's mother would be too difficult. Everyone was very upset. Distress them, blindered.

While Arun goes to the hospital, his mother asked him to study well. She asked him not to worry for anything. There is no one in the house to give him food. There was a maid. She had to give him breakfast, lunch and the dinner. She did her job. She did not take care of his wellness. If he did not eat, she never asked him anything. She simply took off the plate with or without food. 

When his mother in home, he cries to eat. But she did not let him without eating. Now there's no one to look after him, he was crying. His mother who helped  him to study all necessary assistance. In this case, his mother's health worsened. Once the last, she wanted to see his son. He went to see his mother. His mother was nearing death. He gave her a box. Tomorrow you could open the box. She said. He accepted her sayings. 

Doctors could not save his mother after the lots of efforts. In the end, his mother died. Mother funeral performed. His family, a profound tragedy.He could not bear the death of his mother. He cried continuously the whole day after her funeral. After his family finished everything, came home.

Arun has not spoken to anyone about anything. He was silent. Went to his room. He just sat on the bed with grief. Cried bitterly. Then he remembered his mother's box. He just went near to the box. He opened the box. It was a pill bottle and a letter. Took the letter and began to read. The lines in the letter are following.

Dear Son,

When you read this letter, I will not be alive. My soul is with you. God be with you forever. You should study well. You have to reach a good position. No worries for anything.

You might cry a lot today. If the cold does not good your health. Take the pill in the bottle. If you take a pill, cold will not affect you. 

Take care myson.


Yours Loving Mother,


This is the best example of a mother's love. Even at the time of her death, the child should be fine, the high hopes. The high thoughts. Tina, was good example of the great mother. Love all. Serve all. Live well. Greetings for all your future. 

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