A strange walk mostly sounds so cliched. It will strike in the mind of the readers who will go through this story. This is an imagination story, which I imagined when I was in school and read in sixth standard. Therefore, I thought to share it with all my friends and readers about the imagination. Hope my Boddunan friends will like my story.


It was morning and I was getting ready for my school. It was a very cold day. I used to get up early in the morning round about 6 o'clock. I packed my school bag and took the Tiffin box from my mom's hand, which my mom prepared and put it inside the bag. I was ready for the school. I waited for the school bus at the bus stand very close to my house for the school bus to arrive. The bus arrives at the bus stop at 7 o'clock. I and some of my friends get into the bus and I bid good-bye to my mom. I reached the school and went inside the school passing through the huge gate of the school. The bell rang and we all stand in a queue to sing the school prayer. After the prayer was over we all went back to our own classroom and took my seat.

About the periods

Every day it is compulsory for the entire student to attain the six periods and between these periods we had our lunch break. It was Wednesday and on this day, we had one library class within this six period. I used to be very happy when this day come as library was one of my favorite periods. The library period was after the lunch break. I was eagerly waiting for the fourth period to come as after the fourth period there will be lunch break of 15 minutes and then I can go for the library class. Library class was not meant for me to gossip with the friends, which we cannot do in front of the teacher when the period is going on in fact I love this class to read storybooks and collect reference book of the studies.

About the imagination story

As soon as the lunch break was over all the student of our class rushed towards the library class and I also run with them. It is a very big room and the wall of the whole room was covered with large cupboards, which contains books on various subjects. Different subject's books are marked with the subject's name that make easy for the students and teacher to find their subject books easily. The storybooks are kept in one cupboard and on that day, I pick one storybook from the storybook section and come back with the book to my seat.

I started to read the read the storybook. It was the story of some world where no one exists. I suddenly lost to some other world. I was walking on a narrow street. It was so foggy I could hardly see any house or shop there. The streetlights were also very dim. It was silent. The cool breeze was hitting my face as I was walking along the street. There I could not find even a single human being. I saw a bright light above a high mountain. I tried hard to reach there but I could not I tried to scream loudly to call someone but I could not scream also. By now, the mountains had disappeared. Suddenly, someone came from the back and touched me. I was shocked my body was numb and frozen with fright. I just could imagine that it was a man but I could not see his face and he pushed me into a large pit. I tried to shout for the help but due to fear, no sound was coming out of my throat. I was terribly afraid and tried myself to get out of that large pit. The man had already disappeared from that place. The world was very different from our world. There was no one beside me. I was left completely alone to survive in this terrible and fearful world. The man was dressed in a strange way. He put a long hat on his head, wore a long coat and high boots and his nails were very big just like the witch.


Suddenly I was thrown out of that world and came back to my world. I found myself sitting on the same position where I was and found everything around me normal. I could speak now. The first sound I heard after that was our school bell, which took me out of the frightening world. I then returned to my classroom. I was sweating from top to bottom. My friends asked me whether everything is fine. I did not explain anything to them. Then as soon as our school over I took my bag and walked towards my school bus and took my seat. The bus then started and I reached the same bus stop where I found my mom waiting for my arrival. I get down from the bus and walked quietly with my mom. I reached my home. My mom found something strange in m and asked me what the matter is? I narrate the whole story to my mom. My mom just gives a smile and told me that it sometime happens nothing to worry about it. I returned my room and then took some rest. However, I could not forget the appearance of the man and that strange world.


The story was a simple one. However, how I get lost in that world I could not imagine it. It was so shocking for me that still I remember it when I grew up. Now also I took interest in reading story books but I avoid reading the horror books, which make me afraid. 

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