An Accident I met with...

My Annual Holidays:

                  I think I was in my class 5 or 6 th at that time. Along with my family and relatives, I was enjoying my Annual Holidays in my native place. It is a beautiful village near Cuddalore dt., During my holidays our house will be filled with nearly 20 members. We will enjoy life like anything, always playing outside and will return home only to eat and sleep.

Outdoor Plan:

                  Days passed by with our busy schedule. At this time we were asked to get ready for an outing . It was to fix a girl for my Uncle's marriage. We kids were too exited to go outdoor.

                  A village itself is a gift of god .. that too in the pleasant morning.... No words to express.... We were waiting for the bus in the Bus Stand. There comes the bus and we were not exceptional cases. Children were fighting for the seat near window (Ya including me...Too silly na). Finally setteled down and started to chat.


                      Super scenery and Cool Climate. The bus was going too smooth... But suddenly we heard a Goat screaming and the bus stopped with a sudden break. When we Got down of the bus and saw it was not Goat... But a man wounded and struggling for his life. My uncle and the crowd went to hit the driver, But he jumped into the farm and escaped.

What Happened to the man? :        

                     All were scared and we kids were almost crying. It was the first Accident I met in my life. The man was Bleeding on the floor speechlessly. Half of his nose was gone. He was badly wounded. Our faces were lit up with light when we saw a Cop car. We stood hopefully for the public servant, But the Cop went off without serving the public. They dint even stop the car. What a pity? We were ready to wait for some other helping hand, But the wounded man's soul was not ready. Finally he left the earth.

Who's Fault was that ? :

               The man came i the two wheeler was in his right path and kept left. Even the Bus Driver kept left, but he lost his balance when he tried to " Change the song cassette " in the Tape Recorder. The farmers also joined to the happening of this incident by drying the grains they harvested on the main road. Thus Both the Bus driver and the Man lost there balsnce and met with an Accident.

Moral of this incident :

                 Please concentrate on driving only and dont get diverted. Dont change the cassatte while driving and mainly what I want to stress for now-a-days people is not to speak cell phones or listen to music while riding two wheelers or driving four wheelers.

Thank you and Please take the moral seriously..  

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