India is a unique land and there is no doubt it is the land of seers and holy men. I shall now relate the factual tale of a Muslim Pir who lived in Mumbai and just passed away about 6 months back. Pir in Islamic lore is a holy man who has achieved a certain level of spiritual ascendency. Pirs are also referred to as baba and they form an important part of spiritual renaissance in Islam.

In Mumbai there was a Muslim Pir. I was taken to him by my aunt when I was a young lad. That   was 25 years back and since then the Pir made such an impression on me that I continued visiting him all these years. His name was Pir Sayed Nasiruddin  Badshimiya Qadri Nakshbandi. He had extraordinary powers of ESP and he could read your mind. You never had to tell him your problem as he would tell you himself why you had come.

Pir Baba belonged to a line of hereditary Pirs and knowledge was passed from the father to the son. The Pir sat on Mohemadali Road in Mumbai. His timings to meet him extended late into the night and always there was  a huge rush of people to meet him. Many famous film stars and producers were his followers. The Pir had a porcelene plate which he had brought from Mecca and the visitor  had to put his thumb on the plate. The Pir would  then connect with the man and relate why he had come. He was not an astrologer , but more in the nature of a man who solved problems if Allah wished. He always said that he would carry out the task only if Allah approved.

I have been witness to many of his astounding feats and at least on a dozen occassions he did near miracles for me. I will not relate them here  and maybe in a subsequent post I will mention them. Simply because the Pir never wanted publicty. In addition and that is important he never took money, unlike some Hindu Godmen who live an affluent life , move in Mercedes cars and take donations.

I have great regard for the Pir and despite being a Sikh was greatly influenced by him. I recollect when as a young officer I was posted in Mumbai, I called him to the Officers Mess for dinner and after the meal he told me to pick up a pebble from the road and bring it to him. As I held the pebble in my hand it became a polished gem. What a miracle! The Pir passed away a few months back and now his eldest son Pir Raza sits in his place. Meeting such men is a great gift of god and I am glad that I was chosen by god to meet this Pir. 

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