Recently Indian army made headlines about mysterious huge foot prints in Himalayas They came up with three pictures of foot prints as proof of evidence What did they find? Why it went viral? Whose foot prints they belong to? Its all a mystery to be unfolded soon.Yes, this article is about yeti/snowman.

There were many fiction movies, stories, and few heard of real incidents on snowman/ big foot/ yeti - the mysterious creature. There were incidents that shook media late in New Delhi about some mysterious monkey man - a monster known as kala -bandar in mid-2001, that caused hysteria among people. It was strange and unsolved mystery till date. It was on media and many people of certain localities has witnessed it but were unable to capture proper  single image as it was known to be very quick. But this time Indian army with its expedition team has evidence of siting of mysterious foot prints of a beast Unless proved these evidences need special focus of investigations with scientific evidences In nature many interesting things do exists.

In natural world all the bipeds walk on 2 limbs should leave 2 foot prints of left and the right, but the pictures show only 1 big foot impressions measuring about 32 x 15 inches brings out the puzzle. Some claim it to be the foot print of Himalayan bears, some claim it could be of a variety of monkey, but some claim it could belong to yeti/ snowman However according to the history, Yeti was sited in the past in the same region of now.

This Yeti is assumed to be a snow man, ape-like creature with fur all-over its body, probably, to tolerate extreme cold weather conditions, huge in size according to the foot-print size, heavy in weight like bears. In most of the cartoons like tin-tin, and few other fairy tales yeti was a character made out of assumptions and talks of the local public.However it is quite interesting news about the mysterious creature so far.

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