When I was in LKG,I gave lolipop to my friends when I scored the highest marks

When I was in 2nd grade,I gave eclairs to my friends when I scored the higest marks

When I reached 7th grade,I gave dairy milk to my friends when I scored the highest marks

When I scored the higest marks in 10th,I took my friends to bakery for a "pastry" treat

When I reached Intermediate,I gave them pastry treat with puffs and cool drinks

When I passed Degree with the highest marks,I took them to pizza hut for a pizza treat

When I passed my Post Graduate Degree,I gave a small lunch at a good resturant :)


These treats go on and on.Right from the time we are associated with 'friends',we tend to give them something in return of the encouragement and appreciation they show in our hard work.Friends gather around like a celebration and be it even the smallest dish,it is always considered as the best treat.

Treats at home was the best,you know what my mother did everytime I scored the highest marks?She would prepare maggi!The yummy two minute maggi has been my favourite since the time I first tasted it.When my father would come home and smell the  maggi,first thing he would ask me,"so did u score well yet again?"

More than giving treats on my birthday,it was these times that I would always cherish with my friends.Every achievement was celebrated in our group,be it a top score or a match won.We all would crowd the resturant/bakery as if some celebrity was celebrating!

I remember the treats my seniors gave me when we entered college,it was a good bonding time.One senior even threw an 'ice cream' party on the onset of his new bike!These treats teach us something-to share joy and happiness.It is really wonderful to have set of friends who helps you and are with you at various walks of our life.The lend a shoulder to cry or a helping hand to us.Even in the time of recession,they take us out for our own 'kitty party'

Such are the hierchy of treats and bonding with friends! :)

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