Kirti was very happy today. She came and hugged her mother telling that she had cleared the medical entrance examination. Now she was going to fulfill the dream her late father had seen for her. Both Kirti and her mom, Sarita were now weeping on each other's shoulders. Both were happy as well as sad at this moment.

Kirti wiped her own and her mom's tears with the handkerchief and then asked her mom to be ready. She had planned to go to Gurudwara to thank Almighty for all his blessings. Makhan Singh died in a road accident three years ago. He was a truck driver and Kirti was his only daughter for whom he had dreamt high. He didn't want Kirti to live the life like Sarita. He wanted her to obtain a respectable place in the society, so he always expressed his wish to Kirti and Sarita.

Makhan Singh worked very hard and never felt frustrated in fulfilling the demands of Kirti concerned with her studies. He had opened a saving account especially to afford the expenses of her medical studies. Makhan Singh had got about ten bighas of land from ancestral property which he had sold for ten lakh rupees and those were fixed in the name of Kirti. So Kirti and Sarita Didn't have to worry much about affording the expenses of studies.

Sarita was ready and so both mom and daughter headed towards the Gurudwara. After bowing their heads there, they came back home.

Evening had set in and both were missing Makhan Singh, who had gone far far away from them. Kirti was trying to locate her father in the stars of sky, tears were rolling down from her eyes. She was not able to make out whether or not her father had come to know that Kirti has passed the medical entrance exam and was going to become a qualified doctor in next six years.

bodies perish

souls fly away

dreams still remain

in the eyes of loved ones

they still love the departed souls

and express the love

by fulfilling the dreams and desires

of departed souls

but who knows

souls see the dreams

coming true

perhaps yes.........perhaps not


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