When we live together we sometimes hurt each other. We carry that hurt with us. We become angry and we want to hurt the other person. When we do that, we also hurt ourselves.

Instead of hurting the other person, we must learn to for give him.

Forgiveness means putting you anger aside. It means to forget what happened. Forgiving makes the other person happy. It also makes us happy. When we hurt someone we should like to be forgiven. If someone hurts us, we must also be ready to forgive him.

Just think about

A long time ago, a man had two sons. The elder son was hard-working and helped his father in the field. The younger son was lazy and only liked to have a good time with his friends. One day he said, `Father, you are going to die one day. Then you will leave me some money. Why don’t you give me the money now? I want to travel’. The father was sad to hear this, but gave his son the money.

The son travelled from place to place. He had good time with new friends. As his money began to run out, his friends started leaving him.

One day he had no money left. He had no where to go and nothing to eat. He found himself sitting with pigs. He began eating what the pigs were eating. He missed home. But he was afraid that his father would not forgive him. But then he thought, `This is silly. Here I am eating forgiveness. I will tell father that I am sorry for hurting him and for wasting all his money’. So he decided to return home.

Since the day his son had left home, the father had been sad. Every day e would stand by the gate and stare at the road wondering if his son would return.

One day he saw his son at the gate, waiting hesitantly. He rushed down the path with his arms outstretched. The son ran into his father’s arms and they hugged each other. `Please forgive me, father’, said the on, in tears.

The father hugged him. `Of course, I forgive you. You are my dear son.’ the father was so happy that he arranged a big party at home to celebrate his son’s return. The son was happy to be forgiven. He decided that he would work hard and never hurt his father again.


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