Poor people

No eat good food, no dress good cloth, No good house live in, no good health to live happy that is poor people. Poor people are more.

India is a land with poor of people. There are some people who are so poor that they cannot get even two square meals a day. There are others who have not enough clothes to wear. Again, there are some who have no houses to live in. and some are so helps that when they fall ill they cannot afford to buy medicines. So people had no to wear well dress.

Reach people

Who contains taste food, best facilities, good accommodations they are called rich people. Rich people in rich more in our country.

Rich and poor between long lines, that is the main red line in India.

If were rich, I would try to feed and cloth the poor and the naked, would even provide some of them with houses. I would open hospitals where the sick could get medicines free of charge.

I would also start schools for the uneducated, where they would be taught to read and write. Education would make them take an interest in their lives. It has been said by a very wise man that he who opens a school closes a prison. I think by giving education to the poor, I shall make them better and happier people.

There are some poor people who are able-bodied but have no work to do. I would start industrial schools for such people, and instruct them in such trades as might enable them to earn their livelihood.

Lastly, I would open as many libraries and reading rooms for the poor as I could. There they would get newspapers and magazines to read, these would give them news from all parts of the world. They would also find delightful books read. They would get biographies, stories, and books on history and travel. I remember once I gave a poor man the biography of a great man to read. I was surprised to learn that he read with interest the whole of it in two days. When he came to return the book to me, I could observe a glow on his face. I asked him why he felt so happy. ``Why, sir,’’ said the man, ``I know I shall one day become as great as this French potter. He was once poor like me’’. I was glad that book had given a poor workman the idea of becoming important in life.

There are some of the things I would do for the poor, if were rich.




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