Gentleness is sweetness in behavior. Gentleness is the best most beautiful jewel that a person can have. It is the natural ornament that you wear on your personality.

Genteelness makes you dear to everyone. People will not be attracted by your fashionable dress nor by your costly shoes but by your gentle behavior. Others will judge you only by your gentle behavior.

Once a rich man went to the temple and prays. He removed his shoes and kept them near the entrance of the temple and went inside the temple. When he returned after an hour, he found that his shoes were missing.

There was bagger sitting where he kept his shoes. He got angry with the beggar and abused him and accused him of stealing his shoes. The beggar called up on the God’s name and said, ``I never have stolen and I swear that I will not do so’’.

After a through search he found his shoes a bit away from where he kept. Then he apologized to the beggar for having accused him for stealing. Then the beggar said, ``Never mind, forget it; you thought I had stolen your shoes and I thought you were gentleman and we both were mistake.’’

Pause a while and think. Who is a gentleman in this story, the rich man or the beggar? Of course the beggars are a gentleman in this story.

A gentleman is the one who never offends anyone. Offence means causing pain to some one. A gentleman or a lady never causes pain to anyone through his or her words or actions.

By wearing costly dress using motor cars and so on ill not make someone a gentleman. These external qualities will not make some one a gentleman. where as internal qualities such as honesty, politeness, forgiveness, concern for others, dutifulness, obedience, helpfulness, gratitude and many more such things make someone a gentleman or lazy.

These internal qualities, the qualities by which one lives, make you a gentleman r a lady. These are the jewels whose color ever diminishes or fades away.

To become a gentleman, you need to a degree like M.A. Bed; M.S.C PhD. the best degree for a gentleman is his own character and behavior.

A gentleman is an attractive person. He attracts others not by his dress but by his words and actions. A gentleman does not think of his own comforts but about others. He desires to make everyone’s life pleasant and joyful.

Cultivate gentleman in whatever you do. Avoid hurting words. Be pleasant and gentleman to every one.


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