Amar was a little boy. He lived in a small village. One day he was walking along the railway near a bridge. He noticed that some nuts and bolts were removed from the railway tracks. He thought that this would cause a serious accident.

Amar was worried. It was nearly time for the nest train to cross that spot. He stops. He knew that if the train crossed over this damaged part, the train would fall into the river. Hundreds of people on the train would be killed or injured.

Amar heard the whistle of the approaching train. He knew it was very near. He looked around helplessly. There was no one nearby to help him. The village was very far away and Amar could not call someone for help. Immediately an idea came speedily to his mind. The train was coming fast. He took off his inside red baniyan and ran along the along the rail tracks, waving his baniyan like a flag.

The driver saw the little boy on the railway track. He blew the whistle to warn Amar off the rails. But Amar did not listen. He continued to run along the track waving his baniyan frantically.

Immediately he thought expect something is danger there. While the driver drives the train slowly and suddenly brakes.

The driver put on the breaks to avoid hitting Amar. The train came to a halt. The driver and few of the passengers got off the train. When they came near Amar he pointed to the damaged tracks. The driver understood what this brave boy had done. He patted Amar’s head and said, ``this bold boy has saved our lives. We would have had a serious accident if he had not given us this warning,’’

The passengers were very thankful. They knew that Amar had undergone this trouble to save them. He had run along the tracks shouting as loud as he could to get the engine driver’s attention. Then and there they collected a large sum of money as a reward for Amar. They went to the village and met Amar’s parents and gave them this gift money. They asked them to send Amar to a good school for studies.

The track was repaired by departmental mechanics and then the train went on its way.

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