A story of the lost boy.........

Monty! come back

Monty was the only son of his parents and his parents were proud of his acheivements. He was the topper of his class and captain of school football team. His teachers as well as his parents had high hopes from him. He too was working hard to turn the dreams into realities. He was the star of not only his school but of the whole town. So many of his parents' friends came to congratulate Mamta and Sohan, when Monty was declared the youngest football captain in the town. They were so happy to see his photo in the local newspaper.

Monty was enjoying a kind of stardom in the town, every teenager wanted to be his friend. Everything was going fine but Mamta felt little worried because of her son's changing behaviour at home. She discussed about it with Sohan but he didn't pay a serious ear to it. According to him it was Monty's  adolescent age and changes in hormones that were causing such changes. He convinced Mamta that there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

Now these days Monty used to stay alone in his room lying down on the bed unlike before as he used to enjoy his parents' company. Now he didn't like to have even dinner or lunch with them. To Mamta it doesn't seem normal but she kept silent.

On Sunday Sohan and Mamta had to attend a wedding at their relatives' place so they called Monty to get ready too. All of them were ready but suddenly Mamta was shocked to see one of her gold ring missing from her jewellery box. She searched for it here and there but couldn't find out. The days passed on like this but the trend of money and things getting stolen was not stopped.

Sohan lodged a complaint with the police but none could be traced gulity for it. One day Mamta found a large bowl missing from the kitchen. She couldn't make out where all the things were going. One night Mamta and Sohan were even more tense to see that their loving son has not returned home.

The night passed, both the parents rushed to Monty's school and friends but couldn't know where their son has gone. They were about to get into their car to search another place, a girl came running after them. She told them that Monty had become a drug addict and so he used to sell the things out in the market to arrange drugs for him.

About an year has passed since then. Mamta and Sohan are still searching for their lost loving son.

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